Photoreceptor injury

Dr. Nork’s laboratory concentrates on understanding the mechanisms underlying photoreceptor injury, and whether excitotoxic activity is responsible for loss of retinal ganglion cells in glaucoma. The concepts discovered in the Nork Lab provide important information for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma and prevention of visual loss from glaucomatous neurodegeneration, as well as the basic scientific understanding of the functioning of these neurons in health and disease. This novel work has implications for injury in stroke and many other ischemic neurologic conditions.

Nork Lab Members


James Ver Hoeve, MS, PhD

Credentials: Senior Scientist Emeritus

Email: verhoeve@wisc.edu

Charlene Kim, PhD

Credentials: Associate Scientist

Email: ckim@wisc.edu

Alexander Katz

Credentials: Research Specialist

Email: awkatz@wisc.edu